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HSieben Maschinentechnik Langkampfen - Human Perception Automized Perfection - Unternehmen, Team, Stefan Rückl, Inhaber, Geschäftsführer

owner / manager

HSIEBEN has been affiliated with a worldwide operated group of companies who are leaders in the manufacturing of CNC-Engraving Machines. Since the demerger in 2008, we have been able to independently grow and better position ourselves as a service provider in the tool and die industry.

Our team consists of young motivated employees who are experts in their industry through many years of experience.

We are “service providers” and “problem solvers”. Our international contacts and finely interwoven network of expert business partners provides us with a broad spectrum of solutions to reliably process specific customer requirements and complex tasks. All deliveries are subject to the terms and conditions of the Association of the Austrian Machinery and Metalware Industries.


  1. Our customers can trust us.
  2. We place customer satisfaction in the heart of our business.
  3. Our employees are the backbone to our success.
  4. We take responsibility for our environment and community.
  5. We stem from the engineering industry and this is the industry we want to serve.