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When we looked at the synonyms for the word tolerance, particularly the words perseverance, understanding and patience, we discovered there is a high degree of profitability behind them. They are the premises by which we conduct our work and serve our customers.

Particularly with complex production runs and manufacturing processes, accuracy and patience determine the outcome of our productivity.

“Patience” means “accuracy” – “accuracy” is the basis for “precision” – and “precision” is essential.


Quality at a constant level is the basis of our work at HSieben. The quality of our products and services is decisively influenced by the characteristics of our employees in terms of knowledge, ability and willingness to work.

Thus it becomes unmistakably clear that our knowledge, our interest, our physical skills and our ability to work under pressure are the factors that determine the quality of our work and thus our success. This is confirmed not only by the consistently high level of customer satisfaction, but also by the many awards that our employees and apprentices have been able to win and continue to win at competitions throughout the state and nation.

The goal: the realization of customer requirements.


Flexibility encourages creativity; creativity in terms of being constructive and finding innovative solutions for continuously changing tasks. Our customer service is all-encompassing in the areas of metal-cutting, assembly and engineering of special machines.

Our adaptability ensures the best possible solutions for our customer – even when new procedures and outsourcing of manufacturing steps are involved.

Only change demonstrates reliability – WE’LL take care of it.


We always strive to have an open and honest relationship with our customers. Maximum transparency when pricing and absolute reliability on agreements are fundamental aspects of our business model.

The preservation of trust is RELIABILITY AND CONFIDENCE. Our timeliness and punctuality in both words and actions are dependable. Agreements are made to be kept!


We appreciate the importance of working intelligently. We analyze sample runs before actual production begins and when necessary optimize the process to carry out the interests of our customers in the best possible manner.

We stem from the engineering industry and this is the industry we want to serve.

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Corporate Constitution

  1. Our customers can trust us.
  2. We place customer satisfaction in the heart of our business.
  3. Our employees are the backbone to our success.
  4. We take responsibility for our environment and community.
  5. We stem from the engineering industry and this is the industry we want to serve.